About us

YSG is a global logistics and supply chain service provider with years of experience and industry know-hows.

Founded in the city of Shenzhen, China in 2012, YingSheng Global Logistics Limited (YSG) is a third party global logistics and supply chain service provider. YSG is a member of WCA and JC Trans Network, and it is also a Class 1 freight forwarder in China.

YSG consolidates international sea freight, domestic road, railroad, and air transportation service. It also provides warehousing, distribution, settlement, and various value-added service in the fields of logistics planning, logistics operation, and strategic investment.

Mr. Yang Bill initially led a team of experienced logistics experts and founded the company from scratch. The team initially focused on China-to-US logistics service and later expanded its coverage to Europe and South East Asia. Nowadays we use our extensive global reach, depth of experience, and market knowledge to help clients to resolve their supply chain problems on a case by case basis.

Our Vision

To succeed at every step, to thrive endlessly. 

Our Mission

We aim to continuously enhance our professionalism to serve every client with first-class service.

Our Values

We shall deliver extraordinary results by completing ordinary tasks.


Room 2401B, Tower A, Xinghe World, No.1 Yabao Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, PRC


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